Business & Investment

Nigeria has a population of over 200 million and abundant mineral resources majorly, oil and gas, bitumen, iron ore, gypsum, gold, talc, lead/zinc, coal, germ stones, coal, cotton, kaolin, rock salt, etc. These are in commercial quantities. Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa and investors are assured of a gateway into ECOWAS market of over 260 million.

Nigeria is one of the most developed economies in Africa. The major sectors of Nigerian economy are Agriculture, Oil and gas, mining, services and light and heavy industry. It is ranked the 27th largest economy in terms of normal GDP and the 22nd largest in terms of purchasing power parity.

Investors are invited to invest in Nigeria for the following reasons :

- Nigeria’s democracy is fully stable and resilient
- A One Stop Shop in place for prompt investment entry approvals
- Fully liberalised economy and foreign exchange regime
- Functional, efficient and responsible banking services with foreign currency denominated account facilities to foster international trade
- Availability of labour force that is skilled, trainable, adaptable and competitive
- Attractive and negotiable incentive packages for investors
- Constitutional guaranties and safeguards against nationalisation and expropriation of investments
- Member of Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA)
- Intellectual Property Rights
- Excellent Telecommunications facilities
- Domestic market of 200 million people with relatively high purchasing power
ECOWAS Market of 250 million
- Private sector participation in various forms : PPP Strategy, Alliance, Joint Ventures, - Concessions, Management Contracts,
- Flexible labour regulation, etc.

By Burundi Net